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Community Management and Authorship / Author rank

Being a Community Manager, I often publish on my clients’ websites on their behalf. How should I deal with Authorship and Author rank is today’s question.

erich schmidt - wall street journal - february 2013

First of all, I would like to thank Synodiance and Slideshare because I owe them the pleasure to know that image, which is in fact part of a Synodiance Presentation about SEO. Thanks a lot guys.

According to that picture, I should claim my authorship and improve my author rank

So far, in the posts or pages I wrote, I have not mentionned my name nor linked the article to my Google profile. Why is that ?

  1. I thought it would harm my clients, as it did not seem relevant to provide a link in each article that redirects to my Google profile. My customers’ customers do not care about me. I am here to promote my customers’ image, not mine.
  2. I thought it could be risky because my customers work in different fields : there is no common scheme. Hence I would send a ‘generalist’ reputation to Google, rather than a ‘specialist’ one.

On the other hand…

  1. Would such a link, really be noticed ? I mean, would people really look at it ? I wonder. I am more concerned about my clients’ point of view, that the viewers.
  2. SEO People on the internet keep publishing stuff about “Do look after your authorship right now because…” and I think well perhaps I could do something about it and improve it.

Hey wait !

  1. What if people start to contact me, instead of contacting my customers directly ? I could probably not answer their requests. That would not be very good.
  2. I reckon this authorship / author rank stuff works well for ‘experts'; problem is, I am surrounded by experts whose visibily and knowledge is far beyond my reach. I can not nor will be able to match the competition.

My conclusion as per now

I’ve decided not to change the way I do for the following reasons :

  1. I do not really see myself putting my name on my clients’ webpages. This is not what they pay me for.
  2. I do not think that it is worth it, in terms of visibility. Instead, I would problably be better to tell my customers to do it and help them in the process.

Now, should you disagree…

You’re a SEO Guru and you disagree with me ? I would be delighted to know your point of view. Please leave me a message or tweet me at @jeansamdenis.

Article écrit par Jean Sam Denis


Bonjour, je suis Jean-Sam, webmaster / community manager à temps partagé, auprès de PME installées en Bourgogne, en Franche-Comté et Rhône-Alpes. J'essaie d'apporter de la cohérence et de l'ambition aux projets internet, afin qu'ils soient durables et profitables.
Ma particularité est de rester à proximité du client durant toute la durée de notre collaboration, en assurant la maintenance complète ou partielle du site (rédactionnel, photo, vidéo, newsletter, réseaux sociaux, référencement...).

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