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Wanna be Successful on the internet ? Read this !

This article could also be entitled “Never forget”.

You are wondering what it actually takes, to be successful on the Internet.
Well, it’s a fair question. An important one, as a matter of fact.
Answer is : much more than you think + over a much longer period of time, than you think.

Now, the good thing is : you will learn many things, during that process.
And to me, well, learning is as much important as earning money. Much easier anyway.
To me, learning is probably my main purpose in life. Once again, it is much easier. And interesting too.
You may disagree, of course.

Anyway, I’d like to share with you two things I read on Twitter today.
First thing is a slide, extracted from a presentation by Rand Fishkin.
Second thing is the presentation itself.

I’d like to conclude with this thought :
How cool these guys (that is : Rand, for instance) actually tell (and even draw) what we think and what we feel.

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